Creeper- Eternity, In Your Arms - (engineer)

Milk Teeth- Be Nice- (engineer)

Milk Teeth- Go Away- (engineer)

Wallflower- Where It Fell Apart- (engineer)

Darko- Bonsai Mammoth - (producer, engineer, mix)

Miss Vincent- Somewhere Else - (producer, engineer, mix)

Bad Sign- Live And Learn- (engineer)

Faux- Faux- (producer, engineer, mix, master)

Lightblue- Paradise Lost- (producer, engineer, mix, master)

Lay It On The Line- The Black Museum- (producer, engineer, mix)

Fossette- Miles Never Knowing - (producer,engineer, mix, master)

Alburn- Alburn - (engineer)


Creeper-  The Stranger - (engineer)

Boston Manor- Be Nothing- (engineer)

Milk Teeth-  Vile Child - (engineer)

Departures- Death Touches Us, From The Moment We Begin To Love - (engineer)

Giants-  Break The Cycle -  (engineer)

Faux- Inhale - (engineer)

Sad Blood- Legion Of Gloom - (engineer)

Fairview-  Warmth/J'ai Une Ame Solitaire -  (producer, mixer, engineer, master)

Chapter And Verse- The Wolves Back Home - (engineer)

Atlas- Blush - (engineer)

Circle Of Reason- Faith Or Theory - (engineer)

Summer Drive Home- The Departed - (producer,engineer, mixer, master)

Thyla- Motherlode/Car Crash/Loveless - (engineer)

Safeside - Blossom - (engineer)

Wolf/Cub- Wolves EP - (engineer)

The Dabhands- The Dabhands - (engineer)

Five Tail Fox- Lanterns - (engineer, mixer, master)



Creeper- Callous Heart - (engineer)

Boston Manor-  Saudade- (engineer)

Press To Meco- Good Intent- (engineer)

River Jumpers- River Jumpers - (engineer)

Harker- Gasping For Air - (engineer)

Milk Teeth- Sad Sack - (engineer)

Hindsights- Wither Single - (engineer)

Sad Blood-  Ultimate Worrier - (engineer)

Attention thieves- Year Of The Jakal - (engineer)

Miss Vincent- Reasons Not To Sleep - (engineer)

Muskets- Spin - (assistant engineer)

Thyla- Us And Them - (engineer)

Young Kings- Old Days - (engineer)

Vasa- Colours - (engineer) 

In Evil Hour- Built On Our Backs - (engineer, mix, master)

Black Sea Fleet- One Day I'll Stop Breathing - (engineer/ mix assistant)

Faux- Swimmingly - Engineer 

Mocara- Take Your Time - (engineer, mix, master)

Nature Channel - Nature Sounds - (assistant engineer)

Bearded Youth Quest- Yatta! - (assistant engineer)

Faux- Patterns - (assistant engainer)

Science Made Us Robots- Paper Bones - (engineer, mix, master)

Future Talks- Capital - (engineer, mix, master)

Dendera- Pillars Of Creation - (drum engineer)

Young Kings- Remember Me Like This - (engineer)

Standing Tall- Standing Tall - (engineer)

Lay It On The Line- A Prelude To The Process - (engineer)



Creeper- Creeper - (assistant engineer)

Donnie Brasco- Lost Youth - (assistant engineer)

Colourstone- Fortunes - (engineer)

Fights and Fires- Idle Class Split - (assistant engineer)

Faux- Melons And Other Strange Fruits- (engineer, mix, master)

Science Made Us Robots- Rats And Swans - (engineer, mix, master)